It’s Not Fair, It’s Absurd, It Doesn’t Make Sense

During a time when too many homes are sitting vacant and the economy remains stagnant, you would think that our local townships would be doing everything in their power to stimulate home ownership.

Unfortunately, too many municipalities in southeastern Pennsylvania have created unfair and absurd real estate inspection regulations that have made selling a home much more difficult. These local regulations are known as point of sale (POS) ordinances. POS ordinances mandate intrusive government code inspections and potentially costly repairs at the time of a home sale. They are a major burden on home owners looking to sell. This doesn’t make sense.

Now is the time for local governments to cut the growing bureaucratic red tape that is making selling a home more difficult than ever in our region. We need common-sense solutions that will help remove these unnecessary obstacles and stimulate our local economies. Learn more.

Tell Your Township:
“This Doesn’t Make Sense”